Doku: An Ecology of Mind. Gregory Bateson

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Ein ganz grosser Denker, und vor allem ein grosser Ökologe und Systemiker: Gregory Bateson. Er versuchte die Welt, die Natur zu verstehen, beobachtete viel und zog seine Schlussfolgerungen. Jetzt gibt’s eine Doku über ihn (siehe Link oben, und hier die DVD).

Ein paar Zitate:

„What is there about our way of perceiving that makes us not see the delicate interdependencies in ecological systems that give it its integrity. We don’t see them, therefor we brake them.“

„We live in a world that is only made of realtionships.“

Relationship and Roles… „You can’t study [only] one end of a relationship and make any sense. What you make is disaster.“

„So here we are floating, in a world which consists of nothing but change; because if there isn’t any change there isn’t any knowledge, such that there is only by the creation of change thta I can perceive something. And in this world we float, we talk.“

„The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.“

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